Saturday, April 7, 2007

Easy bucks... Danger ahead...

This photo was taken by my ride pal photographer Chandra. He was my pillion on this particular ride and got down somewhere to have some snaps taken at a picturesque place and found me surrounded by these kids- some enthusiasts, he thought initially.

What do you think those kids doing around me?

Some of my friends said...
- seems like you are having a good time with them.
- it looks like you discuss some serious matter with them.
- Clarifying route to somewhere

Guys, believe it or not... They are begging for money, they do not look like beggers, rather they are not. I was surprised to see the the way they open their hands for money is same as those at the traffic signals.
When they see no prosperity in dealing with me all are looking at another vehicle comes that way. Not many vehicles comes that way. So they need to be opportunists.

About their begging instincts... Here is the fact.
The place is somewhere close to the Mysore road. If you go 2km further inside taking a left turn from the Art of Living centre, you will find an old village. These kids belong there. Some day from someone they learned something new that if you ask people from the city they may give you money. You just need to tell them that its for some pooja in their temple and ask for contribution. If they give, good; if not there is nothing to lose. I feel pity for those kids.

I have ridden through typical villages, near by kavery shores and other places. I've never seen a begging type anywhere there. But their living conditions are much much poorer than what we see in our modern villages with city attachment. But those people don't seem to believe in begging for money and earn few free bucks.

So where do our 'city villagers' and the 'village villagers' differ. The difference definitely is in the attitude. The city villagers carry the opportunist attitude, they don't care how they earn, they just look at what they earn. The innocence of village life has been lost in the evolution. They have been infected by the evils of the city life, pampered by the so called contributors who just know one thing if someones comes near your car's windshield with an open bandaged hand and darkened face- give'em few bucks and get satisfied as though they have done the greatest thing a human can do in life.

Stop this encouragement, do not spoil kids by teaching them earn quick and easy bucks.
If not..........
that's what we experience on roads at night. People complain about being looted at night, car stopped by strangers and taken money, cell phone etc, taken forcefully to ATM center and drawn and stolen all the money in the account...

Where does all these start?
I have no doubt... All these start at a certain stage when they find out that there are several options for easy bucks. All these start when they discover that it's working...

Future generation is in the making and you are a part for the making. So, next time, if you happen to have a mishap, blame yourself and walk away as though nothing has happened...

Bottom line:-
One incident; this happened in Hyderabad, I think around 6 years back. We are in Nampalli railway station waiting to receive someone. There was a nun belonging to the Mother Teressa’s Missionaries of Charity (Hyderabad) with us who is a relative of one of my friends. I have visited their ashram which is home to hundreds. We even had instruction to call and inform them in case if we see anyone in the city who is in need and suffer, then Missionaries of Charity will send vehicle to pick and take them to their ashram.

Back to the story at the rainlway station, while waiting there, one kid, a girl, not more than 7 years old, came near us begging for money. The nun asked her why she begs. She said, she doesn't know who her parents are, no one to take care of, no place to live and nothing to eat. Then sister said, you come with me, I will parent you, will give you food education and accommodation. That girl literally ran away as though she heard the most unpleasant of all what she'd heard in her life.